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Deer Lodge Business Girls

The Deer Lodge Business Girls is an evening league that has been in existence for many years. It used to be run on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, but just this year in 2020-2021 amalgamated both nights into one. The league will take place on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

We welcome curlers of all levels and experience! This is a very fun and friendly league, a great place to come curl with new friends!

Executive President - Sheryl Dadey Past President - Bev Wall Vice-President - Judi Mason Secretary - Trisha Gard-Thomson Treasurer - Heather Dann Ice & Draw - Marj Bone Social Committee - Smith Team · Enquiries for new teams should be directed to Marj Bone: (204) 488-7575 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have discounted fees for curlers under the age of 25!

Business Girls Rules of Play

The following rules of play are used if there are 10 or more teams.

Teams will begin the season in either Group A or Group B based on their performance from the previous year (i.e. points). New teams joining the club or any former teams that do not have three of their former team members returning will start off the season in B group.

There will be four rounds of curling consisting of five games each. Teams will be rearranged in the groups according to total points after the completion of the first and second rounds with the third and final round the prize rounds.

If there are fewer than 10 teams, they will play one or two combined rounds and then be divided into Group A and Group B.

All games will be 8 ends (or bell – 1 hour 45 minutes). Late starts - one penalty point shall be assessed and one end shall be considered played for each five full minutes the team is late. If after 30 minutes the game has not commenced, the non-offending team shall be declared the winner by default.


                Win       Loss
Group A     2           1     DW=Full points
Group B     2           1     DL= No points

There will be no extra ends. After the final end a tie breaker will be decided by the rock thrown by those persons delivering ‘skips’ rocks (with sweepers). This applies to regular season games only.

All games must be played as drawn. The exceptions to this rule are teams competing in Ladies, Seniors, Mixed district playdowns, berth bonspiels, or the Dominion. The team unable to make the game will be allowed to make up the game prior to the end of the round. You must contact DLCC to book your own ice at a mutually agreeable time. The team must notify “DLBGG Ice and Draw” after the game to correctly allocate points. If you are unable to make up the game, both teams will receive 'winners' points.

All teams must have a minimum of two (2) regular team members. Any teams requiring a spare are asked to phone the spare list provided first. Then if still unable to retain a spare, you may call an outside curler. If one spare is required they will play lead position – two spares will play lead and second. This applies to both regular and playoff games.

Club Champion: To be determined by a playoff between the teams with the most number of points for the entire season.

Grand Aggregate: Team with the fewest number of losses accumulated throughout the season.

A and B Group Winners and Runner Ups: Teams in A Group and B Group with the highest and second highest number of points in prize round. If there are fewer than 10 teams, there will be no runner up prize awarded.

Playoff games: All teams must have a minimum of two (2) regular team members. If spares are required, the spare list must be called first, followed by the regular member list from either Tuesday or Thursday. Games will follow the rules used for the regular season. Tie games will be resolved with an extra end.

All matters not dealt with in these rules shall be governed by the "Rules of the Game" as described on the Curl Manitoba website.


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