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COVID-19 UPDATES  (as of Oct 16)

The latest news coming from the Province of MB and public health officials on Friday, October 16th has minimal effect on the DLCC as of this point in time. We were already operating at 50% capacity limits both downstairs and upstairs in the lounge with the number of tables/chairs that we removed. Also we were already set-up with only 4 chairs per table, so the limit of 5 does not affect us. 

The new information that came out on Friday from Curl MB was that the prior announcements from the Province regarding Licensed Premises and serving alcohol was not interpreted correctly. Unfortunately it is not enough to remove purchased alcohol from the tables / ice surface by 11pm - all members must also vacate the facility. 

The DLCC does not have many draws that play late (9pm or later) but for those that do, your league coordinator will be in contact with you to provide instruction and potential changes to abide by these restrictions.

COVID-19 UPDATES  (as of Oct 13)

Thank you all for coming back to curl another season at the Deer Lodge!

Use the buttons below to see a few helpful resources on how the DLCC operating while mitigating risk this season.

Key things to note:

  • Masks are mandatory throughout the entire building, with the only exceptions being out on the ice during your game or when you are seated at your table before/after the game. If you are moving around the building, through the stairwells, or going to the bathroom - you will be required to wear a mask. 
  • The last call for bar service is at 10:00 pm each night and all drinks must be finished and members start to vacate the building by 11:00 pm. This is until further notice and Public Health officials relax these orders. This does not affect on-ice curling in any way and curling may continue beyond 11:00 pm for late draws.
  • For the foreseeable future, we are not allowing any spectators into the building. We do not get a lot of friends/family that come out to watch on a regular basis anyway, but we kindly request to please not bring anybody along as it will unnecessarily be increasing the traffic through the building. If you are short a curler and need to bring a spare that is definitely allowed and is the preferred option to defaulting your game - but we will need to collect their contact information prior to them going on the ice for the purposes of contact tracing. 
  • All service in the lounge will be done seated from your table – please do not go up to the bar to order and/or pay. Sit down at a table and the bartenders will come to you to take your order and/or payment. While curling, the bar phone has been removed from the ice and the bartenders will be making frequent trips down to the ice to take orders and deliver drinks. The phone number for the bar will also be posted on the ice if you choose to call the bar with your own personal cell phone.
  • The locker rooms are open for use, but we kindly ask that you show up in plenty of time to allow for proper distancing as we are wanting to limit the number of people changing at a time. If you can – please show up ready to play.
  • We have done our best to mark the floors with directional arrows that indicate the proper flow of traffic. The stairwell closest to the parking lot and front doors will be reserved for going UP and the stairwell closest to the kitchen will be reserved for going DOWN. There are similar designated doors for moving onto and off of the ice surface.
  • Lastly – if you are feeling sick or showing signs of any symptoms – please do not come to the curling club! We are all in this together and if you are feeling unwell we ask that you think of everybody else and please stay home until you have been tested and are feeling 100%.


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