Wednesday Round 4 Draw Schedule

Wednesday Round 3 Standings



Format and Rules:

  • This is the most competitive men's league.
  • The league consists of two Groups, 6 teams in each. At the start of the season initial ceding of teams into "A"  and "B" Groups will be done based on previous performance of teams and/or team members.
  • There will be 4 Rounds of 5 games. Each team will play the other 5 teams in their own Group once per round. Points are assigned for each win and loss.
  • 10 points are awarded for wins by teams in the "A" Group in Round 1 while 9 points are awarded for wins by teams in "B" Group teams.  In Round 2 the points awarded are 11 and 10.  In Round 3 the points awarded are 12 and 11  respectively while in Round 4 points for wins are 13 and 12.  All losses for "A" Group teams are worth 4 points while "B" Group teams receive 3 points. 
  • At the end of each Round, the teams are reassigned to Groups based on accumulated points for the season.
  • The team in Group "A" with the most points/wins during Round 4 will be declared the Winner of the league and will be recognized at the Men's Wind Up Dinner. To break ties at the end of a Round 4 the winner will be determined by the Win/Loss record in Round 4 of the teams involved. If necessary, tie breaker games will be scheduled.
  • Tied Games: Decided by extra ends. Skip's rocks with sweeping may also be employed to avoid lengthy delays to other games starting later in the evening.
  • See also: Common League Rules for the club rules that apply to this league.
  • Fees & Application form : please click on Forms
Club Championship and other post season playoffs : Two teams with the highest point totals from this league at the end of Round 4 gain entry to participate in the Deer Lodge Men's Club Championship at the end of the year. Tie breakers are same as for determining league winner. Other teams may also qualify for wildcard berths.
Teams not qualifying for the Club Championship will be eligible for other post season playoff events, see Common League Rules
For past winners see champions