As various curling application and registration forms for leagues or events become available they will be added to this page.

1) Deer Lodge Men's Leagues 2018 - 2019 Application form :  (Print, Complete, Drop into West Door Mailbox)

Men's 2019-20 Application Form (PDF)

2) Deer Lodge Business Girls League 2017 - 2018 Application form :
2017-2018 App (PDF version)

3) Antlers Curling League 2017 - 2018 Application form :
2018-2019 App (PDF version) 

4) Juniors, Bantams & Little Rockers 2018-19 Application forms :
Registration Form (PDF version)  AND  Medical Information (PDF version)

5) Deer Lodge Senior Men's Curling Club 2016-2017 Application form :
2016-2017 App (PDF version)

6) Friday Mixed Curling League 2019-20 Registration form:

7) Deer Lodge Tues/Thurs Ladies Curling Club 2017-2018 Application form :
2017-2018 App (PDF version)

8) Deer Lodge Wednesday Ladies Curling Club 2011-2012 Application form :
2011-2012 App (PDF version)

9) Curl Manitoba Entry Forms
This includes all Manitoba provincial championships or any qualifing event leading to a provincial championship for Men, Women, Juniors, Seniors or Masters.
Click on Curl MB Electronic Entry and then follow the links for electronic entry