This league has folded

You are welcome to bring your own league into their prime time icing schedule.


A) Format and News :

    • This is a morning curling league for senior men.   It was formerly known as "The Well To Do Curling Club"
    • The main purpose is to enjoy the game, the friendship and your health.
    • Executive for 2016 - 2017      
      Past President   Armand Levesque
      President           Gerry Bashura 
      Vice President    Tony Van Eindhoven 
      Sec. Treasurer    Dennis Allan
      Directors            John Bristow, Gord Reid, Mike Hill
    • Appplications to curl in the league are available.  This league has folded.
  • The Paid-up Spares will be the 1st to be chosen when a spare is required.
  • Christmas Dinner is Tuesday, December 13.
  • General Meeting and Wind-up is on Tuesday March 28, 2017

B) Deer Lodge Senior Men's Curling Club Rules

1.    We do observe the "FREE GUARD" rule.

2.    Curlers must play the position as assigned. Switches in position are permitted only if all members of the rink agree.

3.     If a curler knows he will miss 5 or more games in the next round he should assign himelf to the spare board for the next round in fairness to his team. Please report your In­tentions to the President or to the Spare Board Coordinator.

4.     Spares will be assigned according to the "Executive Meeting Sept. 18th 2002"  {( A regular Member (One whom has paid his fee as a regular) will be first chosen for spare)}  Preference will be given to spares who have not had the opportunity to curl as frequently as others.

5.    a)  A spare must play in the lead position.
       b)  When necessary the Executives have the right to designate a "Regular Paid member" 
            to the position of "Skip" for as long as required.

6.     A game is legitimate if played with at least two regular members.

7.     If a spare is borrowed from another rink, the game is legitimate: however if the spare must be borrowed from the opposition rink the game will be forfeited.

8.    NOTE:
a)- All spares will be assigned each day at 11:00 a.m.
b)- All skips or a member of the team must have their request for spares placed on the BULLETIN BOARD prior to 11:00 each day.
c)- All spares wanting to play must have their names placed on the BULLETIN BOARD prior to 11:00 each day.
d)- All spares will be assigned by the "SPARE BOARD COORDINATOR".


a) - A game ending in a tie , each team is awarded  (1) point automatically.
b) - A game or a quarter ending in a tie will be broken by each skip throwing a rock, sweeping is allowed, the stone nearest the button decides the winning team. All mem­bers of the opposite team shall be "off' the ice, until the play is completed. A skip rock must reach the house and be in the house to count as being nearest to the button, If neither rocks are in the house skips will throw again.

10. SCORING (on the Bulletin Board)
              (2) - Indicate a Win,  (1) Indicate a Tie,  (0) - Indicate a Loss


C) DLCC House Rules

    The bell will ring 1 hour and 40 minutes after the 11:15 starting time.  Play the end in progress and one more.  No extra ends are to be played. For bell purposes, an end shall be considered complete and the next end in play when the last delivered rock of an end has crossed the nearest sweeping line and cannot be replayed. For example if the bell rings when the last delivered rock of end #6 is running between the hog lines then end #7 has already started for bell purposes and end #8 will be considered as the "next end".