2019 - 2020 CURLING SEASON



Ice Schedules (for the whole season)


List of Club Officers and Committees

Instructions for Three Rounds

Prizes Awarded

Rules and Regulations for Curling


The Board of Directors would like to extend a welcome all new and returning members to the Antlers Curling Club.  We wish you good curling and fellowship throughout the

2018 – 2019 curling season.

Prior to the opening draw each skip that has provided an email address will receive a booklet containing information regarding the items above. Those without email will receive a printed copy. Schedules  and rink personnel will emailed prior to the first draw. A limited number of copies will be available to those without email.


Note: New rules  page 2 #2,3,  page 3 #3,  page 4 #7

All the information will be posted on the Antlers’  section of the bulletin board..


The team numbers shown on the TEAM LISTINGS are allotted by random draw at the beginning of the first round. Team numbers for rounds two and three are allotted by random draw and are displayed on the ICE SCHEDULE posted on the bulletin board.



The Roster is prepared in three parts, Regular Members, Associate Members, Clubhouse Members (non-curling). These lists will subsequently be published in the Deer Lodge Roster and handed out to each member when available. In the meantime, members may request any of these lists from the secretary as needed. In the early part of the season, these lists are quite fluid and are updated from time to time. Current copies will always be available from the secretary.



          President -    Bob Pattie                           

          Past President - George Derrett      

          Secretary -  Dave Nash                                                                              

          Treasurer -  Hart Kapitoler      Membership

          First Vice President -    

          Second Vice President – Frank Little           Food Services          

          Third Vice President – Reg Sims               Cribbage, Pool,  Darts                     

Drawmaster  - Bryan Crandell

Schedules -Wayne Young

Interclub – Tim Will


          Bryan Crandell                                  TBA                               TBA 

          TBA                                                    Larry Stuart                   TBA

Nominating Committee:                            50/50       Mon: TBA

GEORGE DERRETT                                                  Wed: TBA

       Fri:  TBA



  2. Teams will be assigned a number by random draw for Round . One.

 For a six and seven team team group Teams will play a round robin format in each round.

    2   For a six team group, Round 1 will consist of two parts  Round 1A and Round 1B.

For a six team group,  Round 1 Points will be awarded as follows: Win – 3 points,

Loss – 0 points In both 1A and 1B.   In remaing rounds for both groups a Win - 5 points Loss - 0 points and a bye is 2 points

    3    Final standings at the end  Round 3 will determine  prize determination.

  1. Group Winners, Playoffs, Prizes (Revised April 2010)
  2. For a six team group, the top three teams will be considered as “A” group, and the remaining teams will form “B group. For a seven team group, the top four teams will be considered as “A” group, and the  remaining teams will form “B group
  3. Upon completion of Round Three, the team with the highest number of accumulated points in either Group “A” or Group “B” during Rounds One, Two and Three will be declared the Aggregate Winner for the day i.e. Monday, Wednesday or Friday. In the event there are multiple winners, the Winner will be determined by which team won over the other in the final round. If this process does not declare the Winner, playoff games will be scheduled. In the event that the same skip is a winner on two days, he will choose which team he will skip. In the event a player is on an Aggregate winner of two days, the team that he will play for shall be determined by ‘the flip of a coin” between the two skips. The other team has the choice of any curler, not involved in the Aggregate playoff, to play in any position they want.
  4. Upon completion of Round Three, the team in Group “A” with the most number of wins during that round, excluding the Aggregate Winner, will be declared the Group “A” Winner and the team in Group “B” with the most number of wins during that round, excluding the Aggregate Winner, will be declared the Group “B” winner, will be declared the Group “B”  Winner, THE AGGREGATE WINNER CANNOT BE A GROUP WINNER. In order to ensure there is a win and/or loss recorded to determine the Group “A”  and Group “B”   Winners, all games in Round Three will be for eight (8) ends only except ties will be broken by playing an extra end or ends or by skips rocks if teams so choose.
  1. A team must have at least TWO REGULAR members to compete in any season end playoff games. Spares may be chosen from that day represented in the club playdowns.

     (That is if a Monday team requires a spare or spares, players chosen must be from the  Monday group or any Associate) Group playoff spares must be chosen from that day involved in the playoff (or any Associate). Spares may play no higher than third position.

  1. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Club Champions (Playoff winner between the three Aggregate Winners), Aggregate Winners ( Teams with the most number of accumulated points during Rounds One, Two and Three on Monday,   Wednesday  and Friday) and Group Winners ( Winners of group “A” and Group “B” for each day).

City of Winnipeg  Playoff  Representation

            The Club Champions of the current season represent the Antlers the following year at the City of Winnipeg Club playoffs provided that at least 3 members of the team are available, otherwise the runner up will represent the club.



                                                  ANTLERS CURLING CLUB


  1. Skips may use players in any position; not necessarily as listed on the draw. This includes spares.
  2. When a spare is required, the spare board must be used except in the circumstances listed in #3 and #4 below.

In the event a rink (team) is aware that it will be short player(s) the skip may recruit, in advance, a spare player from the Associate list of members (see note below); and/or  list his (skips) name on the spare board as requiring a spare in order to ensure a full team. In this way, if insufficient spares are available from the spare board, the game can be played with three players and not defaulted.

NOTE: Should no Associates be available, regular members may be used

             as substitutes in order to prevent a game from being defaulted.

              Spares may NOT be recruited on the day of the game.

  1. Associate members will be given preference in the draw for the assignment of spares, and, when all Associate members have been accommodated, regular members will be accommodated. In interpreting this rule, 5th man members are considered regular members (for their chosen day(s)) as are Associate members who have agreed to curl regularly under #4 above.
  2. All spares will be drawn from the spare board in accordance with the established procedure (by lot) and no rink (team) may select a spare from the spare board prior to the draw.
  3. Skips listed on the spare board as requiring two (2) players will receive priority for the award of one (1) spare.
  4. Games commence at 10:00 a.m. A bell will ring one hour and forty five minutes (1:45) after the start time and games will continue until the completion of the end in progress when the bell rings, PLUS one more end. An end begins when the last rock of the previous end has crossed the back line of the house from which the stone is delivered.
  5. Subject to the constraints above, all games shall consist of eight (8) ends of play. If the game is tied after eight ends, the two skips have the option on agreeing to play an extra end or having both skips throw a single rock with sweeping to decide a tie (the rock closest to the button and in the house is the counter). Should there be no agreement, an extra end shall be played. If the majority of players wish to conclude the game before the conclusion of eight ends of play, the game may be concluded.
  6. Because of the time required for the assignment of spares, players are requested to list their names on the spare board at least ten (10) minutes before game time.
  7. That the members of the Antlers Curling Club using a stick for delivery of a curling stone   follow the rule as outlined in the Canadian Curling Association. Start with the rock touching  the center line and proceed on a straight line to the broom releasing the stone prior to the near hog line.
  8. .In order to encourage future membership, a guest may be invited to spare on a one time basis

   free of charge.

  1. The five rock guard rule shall be in effect.